Damascus Kukrie Knife Handle Green Micarta Damascus Bolster 18 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Cowboy Hunting With Ram Horn Handle


Damascus Steel Blade Karmbit Knife Handle Micarta Sheet 9 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Karmbit Knife Handle Material Olive Wood 9 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Karmbit Knife Handle Material Walnut Wood 9 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Kukrie Knife Handle Camel Bonedeer Antler Steel Bolster


Damascus Steel Blade Kukrie Knife Handle Camel Bonedeer Antler Steel Bolster 15 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Kukrie Knife Handle Material Olive Wood Blue Bone 18 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Kukrie Knife Handle Olive Wood Material Blue Bone 18 Inch


Damascus Steel Blade Meat Cleaver With Red Horn Steel Bolster Handle


Damascus Steel Blade Tanto Hunting Knife With Walnut Wood Handle


Damascus Steel Karmbit Knife with Walnut & Olive Wood Handle 9 Inch


Tracker Knife | Best Survival & Folder Knife

A tracker knife has a history behind its creation and was known as a knife that could be used for various survival purposes. Tracker knives were founded by Tom Brown Jr., and in an interview, he was asked what knife was the best for all kinds of survival, so he paused for a moment and replied that perfect survival knives don’t exist yet. Then, he came to the conclusion that he had to create a knife that will be considered the perfect survival knife.

The Tom Brown Tracker Knife is a multi-purpose survival tool that can be used for a wide variety of survival tasks. While it cannot replace all the knives in your collection, it does have its own purpose which will allow users of this product great versatility when compared to other tools on the market today with similar capabilities – just like a good tracker’s knife should!

What is the origin of the Tom Brown Tracker?

Brown, a knife tracker smith, contacted Robb Russon in 1981 about making a new kind of survival tracking knife. As a result, they created the first steel and polymer fixed-blade kit that is still used today! In just over one year, a prototype of the 11-inch long (today’s models are 1/8″ taller) folder was designed. It weighed half what most modern-day folders do thanks to its design features, including annular springs on each edge or inside where your hand sits when holding onto them to prevent accidental cuts in tough materials.

Tops tom brown tracker knife 2022 collection

The Genuine Crafter blade has a unique but important distinction from other tracker-style knives in that there are no saw teeth along its spine as its predecessors did; instead, there’s a curved edge followed by a straight thinner blade with a thick handle similar to what you would see on an original knife tracker design. The blades can also be used to chop wood and peelings without being able to also notch off pieces from trees (although they will still get very close).

TRACKER KNIFE – Stunning Micarta Handle Grip

Tracker Knife D2 Tool Steel-Wooden Handle

Tracker Knife Steel with Leather Sheath


Why is a tracker knife used?

The knife is designed to perform multiple tasks such as chopping, fleshing, carving, peeling, and so on but could not perform the notching function available in the original Tracker styled knife.

Why folder knife is popular?

Friction folders rely on the friction between the handle and tang to stay open or closed. Knives with slip joints have a spring mechanism that holds the blade’s spine.

What is the best way to maintain and clean your tracker knives?

Keeping a tracker knife looking and performing its best requires some special care. Following are a few tips on how to clean and maintain your tracker knives:

Dave’s beck tracker knife should be washed by hand with a mild detergent and warm water. Dishwashers can damage the blades, so do not use them.

When your tracker knives have been washed, dry them immediately with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Keep your tracker knives in a protective sleeve or sheath when storing them in a drawer. This will help prevent blade damage and make them easier to use.

Maintain your tracker knives with a honing rod or sharpening stone on a regular basis. The blades will remain sharp and be more efficient.

What is a Tom tracker?

Among the most recognizable and unique knives sold by TOPS. As seen in the movie “The Hunted” and on the cover of BLADE Magazine, this design was created by Tom Brown. The tops tom brown tracker knife is one of our most popular knives.

Who created the tracker knife?

The design was created by Tom Brown and appears in the movie “The Hunted,” as well as on the cover of Blade Magazine. Our Tom Brown Tracker knife is one of the most popular knives we make.

The reason why people trust us?

The Damascus Knives are made for those who love the outdoors, camping, and hunting. There’s no better place to buy a new hunting or best tracker knife than our store; our knives are built to last! Knives should be made of high-quality materials.
That’s why our team goes far beyond to make sure each hunting blade has all the features you could need, from a sharpened edge and sturdy handle shape for your convenience–as well as being made by hand right here at home. We know how important i think it is to get quality products as well as have them shipped quickly without hassle – which brings me right up next door!