Meat Cleaver || Handmade Japanese Butcher slicing steak

Clever knives are perfect for cutting large chunks of meat that you cannot cut with a smaller knife. Heavy-duty knives from are perfect for chopping vegetables, crushing ingredients, and scraping meat off the bones. Vegans and vegetarians typically use kitchen cleavers to chop fruits and vegetables rather than meat. A meat cleaver can easily slice through large, tough vegetables like squash and pumpkins.
Pineapples can be easily cut with cleavers as well. Besides slicing and dicing, this tool can also be used to crush onions and garlic. Combine your kitchen cleaver with a durable cutting board that will stand up to daily use without cracking or scratching. Many cutting boards have extra features, such as ruts that catch juices from the meat and crushed vegetables so that your counter stays clean.
A butcher’s cleaver is larger than normal knives and cutlery, so it’s hard to store it in a knife drawer. Some kitchen cleavers are designed with holes drilled near the top of the blade so that you can hang them on a hook. With a professional-quality kitchen set, you’ll look great with a sharp, gleaming cleaver. Having the best meat cleaver on hand even if you don’t think you’ll need it gives you an easier time preparing food when preparing for a large group of people.

Best Meat slicing Cleaver to Buy

Normally, knives can cut through small chunks of meat, but a small knife can tear up a pork roast because it can’t cut through the bone and tendons. Your kitchen set would not be complete without cleavers with their sharp, precise blades that slice meat evenly. Prepare sandwiches by chopping the meat into even portions or cutting thin slices. Cleaver knives ensure that you cut the right amount of food according to the recipe. Bed Bath & Beyond offers cleavers of varying sizes and shapes, no matter what your cooking style is.

7-Inch Chef’s Knife/Vegetable Cleaver

7 Inch Meat Cleaver Knife-Wooden Handle

Chopping Chef Butcher Cleaver Knife-6.5-inch


What is the best size for a cleaver knife?

Our recommendation for the best heavy-duty cleaver was the Wusthof Classic 7 1/2-Inch Heavy Cleaver. This blade’s thick, 3/16-inch spine, along with German-made medium hardness stainless steel, ensures it stays relatively sharp and resists chips and cracks. The top can also be batoned without causing damage.

Are cleavers better than chef knives?

As a bone knife, the cleaver falls more into the category of a chef’s knife. The cleaver is the thickest, heaviest, and dullest of the three styles. Most of the time, they are used to cut through meat, poultry, and pork bones.

What is a Chinese cleaver?

Cleaver knives, also known as vegetable cleavers, can be used to slice, dice, and mincemeat and vegetables. A single knife is traditionally used for all kitchen tasks in Chinese culture, which is why this blade may also be called a Chinese chef knife.

How do you hold a cleaver knife?

Hold the knife handle where the blade meets the handle with the thumb on one side of the blade and the index finger on the other side. Distribute the grip pressure evenly between the thumb and index finger. As it gives them extra control, this is often a chef’s preferred grip.

Features of Chinese Meat Cleaver

🔪Blade construction

A blade should be able to accomplish the task you intended it for first and foremost. You’ll use cleavers a lot; they are heavy-duty tools. You shouldn’t try to save money by buying a product made of low-quality materials, since this means it won’t last and you’ll need to buy another one soon.
Steel is the best material for cleavers because it has a high carbon content. In addition to providing corrosion resistance, this steel will provide a razor-sharp edge, and will resist stains on the blade. In order to prevent unnecessary corrosion from water, you should clean and dry the blade after each use.

🔪Blade length

You can find variations on this, of course — pictured above is our 4.5″ mini cleaver, for example, which has unique applications. Cleaver knife blades should generally measure 7 to 9 inches in length. The size range in this range is ideal for most cleavers, as it offers versatility and maneuverability. If you need to work with larger pieces or need heavier duty work, we also offer 12″ options.

🔪Ergonomic handle design and high-grade handle materials

You will most likely interact directly with the handle of the knife, and since Cleaver is used for strenuous tasks, it is important that it is both safe and comfortable to use. Because of this, you should look for handles that are ergonomically designed and made of high-quality materials. Most cleavers have a wood handle in order to prevent slipping in the hand.